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  Whole House Remodel and Addition

The Project: The Clients are semi retired but still had many interests and visiting family members so they found a home that they could transform into one that meets all their needs.

The expansive addition touched every area of the existing home with the exception of the basement. From the “Carriage House” for his collectable automobiles to her fully equipped Kitchen and Dining room, this home is a showcase of quality and function.

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Special Note:
Special consideration was given to the existing trees on the site so the home additions were carefully planned to mitigate tree removal. Six trees were removed, two of which were diseased.

The collectible automobiles required a place for repair and refurbishing so a full shop was built below ground beneath the Carriage House. On the second floor a large Project Room was built for crafts and art. A Media Room and Guest Suite were also part of this extensive project.

Main Floor
• Office with waterproof deck above accessed through existing bedroom.
• Kitchen, Prep area, Dining room, Pantry, Mudroom, 3 car Garage.
• Carriage House with Covered Breezeway and Shop below.
• New Foyer addition at Entry.

Upper Floor
• New Bathroom, Project Room, Laundry Room, Media room and Guest Suite.
• Enlarging existing Master Bedroom Closet and refurbishing Master Deck.

Size before: 2242 square feet  Size after: 4916 square feet
Carriage House and Shop: 2144 square feet