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Endpoint Design, Inc.

p 503.460.9313


P.O. Box 55333
Portland, Oregon



Endpoint Design has been providing space planning, conceptual drawings, and permit ready building plans for Custom Homes, Whole House Remodels, Home Additions both large and small in addition to small Commercial Tenant Improvements projects since 1993.

We begin every project by listening closely to our Clients needs and suggestions. This includes all family members in an effort to reveal how they anticipate using the space. We then guide those needs with numerous aesthetic and technical suggestions through conceptual sketches and drawings. In addition we perform thorough research and gather current structural information to ensure that the project can proceed as anticipated.

We are fully aware, that in the end, all the projects we are designing must ultimately satisfy the dreams, goals and lifestyle of the owners living in the home.

Our philosophy is that every project both large and small is equally important and deserves our complete attention. The understanding of Home Design and Building Codes as well as our excellent relationships with Builders, Interior Designers, Engineers and Building Officials has enabled us to greatly simplify the building process for our clients.


Ed Spencer